Love marriages are characterised by emotion and passion. When two people fall in love and get married, they give and take as they go along.

In many arranged marriages, however, which are common in some parts of Asia, another approach is followed, where parents seek mutual compatibility. Most individuals concerned also size each other up and enter these marriages with much more willingness to give than to take.

Many emerging joint ventures and alliances around the world, especially in the rapidly developing economies, are being ventured into in the form of love marriages. People experience mutual attraction based on emotion and then face problems when they find that they are not compatible.

It is therefore suggested that business joint ventures and alliances follow the route of arranged marriages. Instead of staring a joint venture or alliance based on emotional decisions, it would be advisable to exercise “match-making” – gauging if the firms involved are mutually compatible.

This book is based on my personal experience as a manager and consultant in projects in different parts of the world, and on my teaching and research experience. I have attempted to develop for the reader a systematic, step-by-step approach to joint ventures and alliances, starting from conceptualisation of the idea followed by the stages of self-introspection, historical review, SWOT analysis, industry survey, technology assessment, environmental assessment and finally the process of looking for and finding the right partner. The problems and pitfalls they may arise in the process and also highlighted.

Case studies of well-known companies are used to further explain the process. With practical exercises in the form of questions and tables, supplemented by sample contracts, the reader is able to develop a personal plan for forming a joint venture or alliance.

It is my view that, as in marriage, both partners of the joint venture or alliance will have to give and take, and compromise along the way. This book will help you turn your joint venture or alliance into a success.